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I want everyone to be able to unleash their inner champion so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Many people have hidden beliefs and obstacles in their path. They play self-con games and don’t tell themselves the truth. They need help to pinpoint and eliminate those hidden beliefs, prioritize what’s truly important and create daily tools to keep the mojo flowing!

That is why I have created a sharp and comprehensive webinar training program designed to take achievers from TRYING to COMMITTED so that their goals can become reality.

It is the perfect time for you to make a little extra cash by promoting The Commitment Olympics workshop to your customers and friends!  They can register for their webinar training NOW!

You can pick and choose from these tools. Get creative! Please feel free to edit any of the promotional materials so they are more in your voice.  I wouldn’t want you to say or post anything that isn’t true for you.

If you know of a tool or resource that you think would help you better promote the program, feel free to email Lisa with your questions or ideas.

Live your best life,

Christy Calbos
Calbos Coaching International

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