I am a Certified Professional Coach, having completed the certification program through International Coach Academy. I also offer mentoring and consulting services that draw upon over 20 years of education and experience & training – I am a licensed attorney in two states and a successful entrepreneur, as the owner of two businesses which provide me with multiple income streams, time freedom, and location independence.

The International Coach Academy has a proven track record in the coach training industry. As an Accredited Coach Training provider, all of ICA’s students meet the ethical and professional standards set out by the International Coach Federation. This is not a program that I was able to complete over a weekend or a few days. The rigor of the program requires a personal commitment to be a coach. This program meets the ICF training and coaching requirements for ACC credentials. My program consisted of:

126 hrs accredited training coursework in these areas:

  • Coaching Skills – Coaching Development – Coaching Practicum – Supervised Coaching by Instructor

Coaching Hours

  • 60 hrs as a coach of clients (students and external clients)
  • 24 hrs as a client (of student coaches)


  • Faculty Forum – Coaching Groups

Final Graduation Tasks consist of a Professional Voice Research Paper, Power Tool, and Coaching Model, and multiple client/coach reflections.

Key Learning Area 1: Coaching Skills & Knowledge

The courses and modules in this Learning Area are focused on giving me a wide range of skills and knowledge related to coaching. Courses offered in the Key Learning Area include:

Key Learning Area 2: Coaching Development

Here I developed and deepened my coaching. This learning area introduces new tools for shifting clients’ perspectives. I also learned how to develop my own Coaching Portfolio of work, including my Coaching Power Tool™ and my Coaching Model. Courses offered in the Key Learning Area include:

Key Learning Area 3: Practice and Supervision

In this Learning Area, I developed my unique style as a coach through many hours of hands on coaching. I also benefitted from being coached and learning client management strategies. Courses offered in the Key Learning Area include:

As coaches, we are always working on ourselves. We are open to new ideas and philosophies, we study coaching seriously and we take it seriously. Coaches care about others and seek a highly effective way to do this – through professional coaching or blending coaching skills to apply them to whatever endeavor YOU undertake.

If you have an interest in being coached by me or in learning more about becoming a coach yourself, please contact me. I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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