The coaching relationship works best when the client is prepared to get the most out of the sessions and the time between sessions.  Below are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your coaching relationship.

Give yourself five minutes of lead time and take a few minutes to prepare for your session. Review notes from the last session, check for any communications from your coach, consider what you would like to get from the coaching session, and take a few deep breaths.

Be selfish! This is your time.

Clear away distractions, clear your mind, get focused.

Have specific points you would like to go over during the session.

Take a few minutes to make sure you discuss during the session what is most important to you at the moment.

Be ready to leave the session with new goals and objectives.

Communicate openly, share openly: thinking out loud is OK

Be open to new perspectives.

Be open to new discoveries and “A-HA!” or “WOW! Eureka!” moments.

Understand the moments of silence. Your coach may not respond immediately when you stop talking.

  1. She wants to be sure you are done talking and not just pausing.
  2. She wants to give you time to reflect and perhaps continue talking.
Do your homework.

Often, several days after the session, there is an “A-HA!” moment or realizations, expect these moments and don’t let them get away. Capture the idea, and journal if appropriate.

If you are journaling about your experiences during the coaching process, take a few moments to review the last week’s entries.

What to write in your journal? Achievements, obstacles, distractions, what supported you and what didn’t, realizations, what you learned, if goals were changed: why?… and whatever else you want.

During the session listen for questions that may arise from within yourself to yourself.

Allow the questions and your own thoughts to take you into deeper personal thought.

There is an emotional aspect to everything we do. Sometimes it is larger and more pronounced – sometimes it is very small and subtle. Be aware of how you are feeling.

Be ready to increase your self awareness. Be ready to discover YOU.

Creating the change you want may take time, so remember to celebrate the victories and milestones along the way.  That’s one reason why we “chunk it down” into smaller tasks.

You are about to embark on a journey of bringing about what you want and creating the life that you desire.  Take a few deep breaths, focus your attention on your intention and enjoy the journey.

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