• Do you have an idea in mind – something you think you’d love to do but you’re not sure how to go about bringing it to reality?
  • Do you already have a new or small business but you’re also not sure how to amp it up or implement better strategies for time, cash flow, additional services and partnerships?
  • Maybe you’re feeling like another day in your regular day job is going to unravel you – and the time feels like NOW or NEVER to start the business that you’ve been day dreaming about?

I have been in all of these stages – more than once. What do I know about building businesses? Well, here goes: I am a certified professional coach, entrepreneur, and practicing attorney. In 2011, I started my own law firm with ZERO formal business training, $800 in my bank account and $137k in debt. I leapt from a secure 6-figure annual income as an attorney in a law firm – to my home office on my dining room table, and I had a crash course in how to get started in business – the hard way! Then I repeated this process with my coaching practice, 6 months later. Happily, I grossed six figures within 18 months. I tell you this not to brag but to let you know that if I can do it, you can too – and with the right mentoring and coaching, you can do it without all the stress. I had many nail-biting times when I did not know how I was going to pay bills especially since I did not have another stream of income to support me nor did I have a huge savings account or line of credit or bank loan. So I HAD to learn – quickly and efficiently – what I was doing. I bootstrapped it and honestly, I found it scary AND exhilarating.

  • Today, I own a law firm – The Calbos Law Firm – serving children with disabilities in public schools.
  • I am also the owner of Calbos Coaching International – I provide business coaching for solo entrepreneur business owners in service professions.



Becoming a business owner requires organization and a solid foundation.

I realize that you’re here to do something powerful and you want to feel secure that your vision is mapped out properly.

  • You want to feel like you’re creating a business where you get to do your BEST work with maximum impact every day.

  • You want to be rewarded financially.

  • You want to have systems in place that eliminate time-sucking tasks.


This training is right for you if:


  • You have a big, powerful reason connected to WHY  you are starting or amping up a business. This is the FUEL for the fire.


  • You have a way to support yourself as you’re building the new business – in other words, some money is coming from somewhere. My experience is that it is very stressful and distracting to try to build a successful business while you’re wondering how you’re going to pay bills.


  • You are determined and highly self-motivated.


  • You’re capable of confronting fear and asking for support if you need it – and while you like accountability, you don’t need someone to ‘whip’ you or have constant check-ins to get things done.



  • Decide what you want to be doing and start serving with meaning and purpose.

  • Lay the right foundations and get the proper legal and financial structures, trademarks, tax and accounting advice.

  • Implement structures that increase your time and independence

  • Create and present your services and products in a way that will attract customers who can’t wait to buy from you: this is the BRANDING that you need so you can stand out in the marketplace


  • Learn how to work smarter – not harder – with GREAT support from assistants

  • Use systems to eliminate worry about how to “get it all done”


  • Provide world class service

  • Create products and services that are always meeting your clients’ needs

  • Learn how to generate leads and attract your IDEAL clients


  • Uplevel your wealth consciousness and feel worth what you’re charging

  • Say YES to what you truly want in your life

  • Break through the fear and take action



    • Laser calls – for trouble shooting – unlimited
    • Email support – for in-between-call support – unlimited
    • AND…you will receive training on:
      • branding yourself
      • choosing your target market
      • creating a wealth mindset
      • legal & financial systems / trademark registration / accounting
      • selecting appropriate team members to help you
      • program creation
      • copywriting
      • website design
      • list building and email management
      • pricing
      • online & offline marketing
      • and much more!

This is a 12-month program. You will have my support for a full year. Reach out by email or phone to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if this program is right for you.



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