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Meet Christy Calbos

I am frequently asked how I landed in professional coaching. As an attorney practicing law part time and coaching as well, these are both entrepreneurial ventures, and I am aligned with two of my core values: autonomy and freedom –  and I want to help others create the same experiences in their lives. Coaching is a natural fit. But I had to take responsibility to make this happen.

If you’re feeling “stuck,” the key question is this: when do you want to accept responsibility for changing something? For me, the turning point happened in 2011, when I experienced that “wake-up call” (you know, the one where the voice in your head says, “Enough is enough.”) Backing up to 1990, though, after graduating from college, I worked in financial services and then went to law school. For many years, I ended up working and living in ways that honestly drained me. The law has been an excellent career. I have met extraordinary people and I have a wealth of training and experience. But finding the perfect fit in the field of law ~ perfect for my personality and temperament ~ was the tricky part. Before opening my own practice, I found that the way I was practicing law just wiped me out.  I even felt trapped by obligations, expectations, high earnings, etc. It felt like life in a miserable but familiar rut. And…I wasn’t really stuck ~ I just thought I was.

Goldfish trying to jump out of bowl …what makes ANY of us stay in situations that don’t make us happy?


I ignored warning signs and increasing unhappiness, and frankly, I spent a lot of time wishing and hoping for better jobs or days to come. In 2011, I reached the end of my rope: I had not been taking care of myself. I was still anxious about making changes. This time, although I was still unsure and uncertain, my BIGGER fear was that my life would continue on and on, in the same  unfulfilling patterns, for many more years – with every year looking the same as the one before it.

I had always been fascinated with personal development, “self-improvement,” and peak performance. Just a few sessions with a coach helped ease me into a mindset of transition. I managed to control my fears. I took steps – small ones – in a different direction. The experience of supportive coaching was so empowering that finally, when circumstances ultimately pressurized the situation, I decided to open my own law practice and fulfill a dream of helping others solve problems and accomplish goals ~ that’s when I decided to become a certified professional coach. My life feels completely different now.

I still have plenty of challenges — but it was much more challenging to be on the outside of my dreams, looking IN.

Maybe you’re wondering why I chose to start a second career in coaching. It’s because I realized that coaching was such an extreme source of fulfillment for myself and others, because I believe that the possibilities for your business, health, relationships, and achievements are incredible and unlimited.

Can you relate to my story or parts of it?

Do you feel trapped? Dissatisfied? Stuck? Have you made business and personal decisions based on your own values — or are those decisions based on others’ expectations or opinions?

What goals do you want to set — and achieve?

Coaching can change your life. It can help you achieve exciting goals. It can create a shift in what you believe about yourself.

I coach individuals just like you to achieve balanced, wholehearted success and happiness.

Coaching helps tens of thousands of people who are just like you make powerful changes and get far more meaningful results in life, career, love, sports, family relationships, health, wealth, hobbies, communication, adventure, and business.

Coaching helps you get very clear on what you want most…together, we create a great plan that aligns with your values and builds on your strengths, and I support you to make all the changes needed to achieve the amazing outcomes you desire.

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